Xbox Live Gold GeneratorA working Xbox Live gold generator can definitely be quite a struggle to come by. Most of the Xbox Live code generators we see are either fake, exploits to steal your account or viruses and malware/adware. That is because there really is no such thing as a code generator. Hackers and phishers use these tactics and the lack of this knowledge to their advantage.

We here at GetLiveCodes have our own sort of  “Xbox Live gold generator”. Whaaatt? I thought you just said they give you viruses and are bad – blah, blah, blah. Well, our isn’t what most people think a code generator is. Basically we have a database full of already REAL codes; everything ranging from the 48 hour codes all the way up to the 12 month + 1 month codes. Not always do we have every denomination of code in stock, but if one is missing, usually there are others making up for it.

Why do we give these codes away free and how do we get them? Well these are two very good questions that we get asked a lot. It doesn’t really make sense to give away stuff for free, right? Well… with the massive volume of users this site receives we are able to make a decent chunk of dough from advertisements placed on the website. With revenue from the advertisement we are able to buy Xbox Live gold codes at wholesale pricing. We combine that tactic with a team of committed members that participate in Xbox promotions to receive free codes. Between the two of these we are able to get a pretty hefty amount, enough to have codes in stock 98% of the time. That’s pretty good for no cost if you ask us.

The reason we give the codes away sort of ties in with how we get them. We don’t make much money per code given away, but make a little profit on the average code. If we give hundreds away every day you can see that we actually make enough money to make operating the site worth it from a business standpoint. Everyone wins, especially you!

Xbox Live Gold Generator Instructions

Our Xbox Live gold generator is pretty simple to use. However, we’ve listed instructions just in case you need a little extra help. Start by clicking the green button in the top right corner of this page. It should be a moving button, pretty easy to see. You’ll come to a page where you need to fill out some basic information. You’ll be presented with a series of free offers that you can participate in. This is where a big portion of the revenue comes from to fund your codes. After a short set of offers you will be presented with the code you chose.

Xbox Live Gold Generator

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